Smile all the way

Hi, everyone…

Today we begin our journey in the world of SMILES!

We have something amazing in us all…something that is the most wonderful of the GOD’s creation…that is our TEETH !!

Teeth are the only part of the body which are naturally replaced i.e. after one set of teeth exfoliates another one is already ready for an eruption in the mouth. Other body parts like the nails or hair only grow continuously and are not replaced naturally if they shed. Mother nature takes care of all our dynamic oral cavity needs by providing us with milk and a permanent set of dentition. the basic difference between teeth and remaining part of our body is that teeth are made in such a way that they continuously remodel, adapt and adjust to the changing demands of the oral cavity.

With this wonderful masterly piece of creation, we have been entrusted with the responsibility of taking good care of them. Our teeth are programmed to not only last with us during our lifetime but also after us! Everything, right from our daily eating habits to our breathing pattern to the acidic nature of our intestines, affect our teeth. A vital role is played by them in keeping pace with the growth and development of our jaws and our face.

In the following posts let us review and understand everything about our teeth from the way they form to the way the impart a beautiful smile to our face. Let us see how they increase our face value and improve our ‘self-image’ and all in all, affect our entire persona.

Let us together embark on this beautiful journey of understanding our teeth from cradle to tomb.
Signing off for now..

Keep Smiling…