Bridal Orthodontics

We plan for months together for that one moment in our lives called ‘marriage’. We just want everything to be perfect on that day; our dress, the jewelry, the venue, the theme, the décor, the ambiance, the fragrance, the footwear, the cuisine, the seating arrangement, the flower arrangement, and innumerable other minute things. We just want to fine-tune everything to absolute perfection. More often than not these bookings need to be done well in advance; well if you are staying in the metro then you may have to get the bookings done probably a year in advance if not more. Having taken care of all these things, how much attention do we pay towards the most valuable jewel that we flaunt? Yes, that’s our smile! Our smile is one such ornament that we wear day in and day out throughout our lives. Hence ‘Bridal Orthodontics’ is the concept of beautification of smiles and to start this preparation well in advance so that one can flaunt it on our big day.

Having great teeth in perfect alignment is a matter of fate but having a great smile is a matter of choice! Most of the to-be brides and grooms now can plan for the smile that they are going to wear on their big day. Just like any other wedding preparation this ‘smile preparation’ should also begin well in advance. The doctor (orthodontist) must get 12 to 18 months to work on your smile, align your teeth and set them in the perfect position. Well this is done typically with braces or clear aligners. Orthodontic treatment is the most natural way in which your teeth can be moved into ideal positions. Now with the state-of-the-art technologies in orthodontics, we can now build your smiles in mush lesser time than before and in a much more predictable and natural way. You may need to visit the orthodontist typically only once a month during that period or sometimes may be lesser.

Another thing that may worry the to-be bride and groom is the look and feel of braces. One may not like the sight of the braces to be seen on their teeth. But the good news is that, now nobody needs to worry about the visibility of braces on their teeth. Now everyone is benefitted by the modern-day ‘invisible braces’ option that can make your treatment totally invisible. With invisible braces the only way that one can know that you are undergoing this treatment is when you tell them. Other than that there is a very little chance that others come to know about your braces. Now these invisible braces can be either actual braces that are put onto your teeth from their inner (tongue and palate) side or they can be transparent clear aligners. With the advent of this invisible option another advantage is that even if the to-be bride or groom does not plan his smile well in advance, he can still choose this option. Many patients have got married while perusing their treatment. As the braces are invisible and almost painless no one notices them, and the bride and the groom flaunt their dream smile. With the treatment becoming more predictable the actual time required for it is also measurable. The appointments are easy, short and flexible and can be adjusted to accommodate the functions and ceremonies accompanying the marriage.

With the advent of cutting edge technology and increase in awareness now both the bride and the groom can dream to get the smile that they have always dreamt of. So that on their wedding day they match each other in all perspectives including their smiles! Bridal orthodontics is the next-gen way to get ready for marriage.